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love should be the opposite of death

Another just 'Being Human' post. I tend to get carried away so I decided to give it it's own entry.

First off, Lenora Crichlow at collectormania Midland!  LENORA!  Man I so so want to go but it costs like £52 on the train which sucks, a lot.  And Russell is going too.  They need to go to some event in London which is much cheaper to get to for me.

Anyways onto the episode. BEST BEING HUMAN SO FAR. I absolutely loved it, it was so so cute and funny and sad.

 ©neverwinter for this ^ awsomeness

Spoilers if you haven't seen epi three.  Oh and this is really really Annie/Gilbert based. 
What can I say, I love them lol.

I guessed from when Tully grabbed hold of Annie's arm in episode two and she called him Owen, that he probably killed her and was abusive but it was so sad to see Annie remember what happened especially after she thought she was meant to look after him and was doing all those things for him, the message on the mirror was so sad and also again gave another hint about Owen and his aggressiveness when he shouted at Kilroy Janey.  As much as Annie doesn't like her I think she will try and save Janey from what happened to her somehow because she is that kind of lovely person :P

And talking about immensely cute people. GILBERT ♥ OMG he was adorable with his dancing and his Gilbert Fun and how he loved Annie and then that meant his problem was resolved and he could go, I so nearly cried. They were so cute together.   Anyway I am really pleased Gilbert told Annie he loved her after she thought nobody did and thought it was her fault he killed her =( I so cannot get over the cuteness of them two haha.
And onto the picspam

haha Mitchell was so cute not wanting to go in, he is a vampire but is scared of a ghost with PMT!
G:  "No way I'm not eating raw meat like an animal just because a ghost is ovulating!"
Annie and her grater was very funny, when she was swinging it around.

A:  "I don't want to think about it, I don't want to make it real, to think that he will spending it with her.  Janey tango face Harris and she'll be cooking him parsley sauce and boiled ham."
I love the way she is shouting at the grater when she says this haha

A:  "I'm dead, in case you hadn't noticed"
M:  "But you've still got loads to offer to the right...person."

I haven't capped any of the club scene but the conversation between Gilbert and Annie was so cute and funny, and then THIS!!

G:  "Smash the granny out of it!"


I totally loved how proud she was of herself when she went to the graveyard by herself on the bus *wants to give Annie a big hug right now*

Then the grave scene which was rather sad but funny at the same time.  Stupid Owen and his evilness.  All her grave says is Fiancée and then you can see all the other behind with like sister/daughter or whatever!

A:  "Beautiful? It's 22 years old."

*Annie's speech about having her whole life ahead of her* then...
"Is there two e's in fiancée?" LOL
G:  "There are, yeah."

G:  "I knew this is where I wanted to be, forever."
A:  "Forever?"

G:  "You're still here for a reason Annie."

awww how cute is Gilbert like seriously I adore him!  He is falling in love with Annie right there and it is sooo cuteee.
And talking of love...George/Mitchell love on the sofa haha. And OMGOMGOMG MITCHELL IN GLASSES.  Just when you think he can't get hotter he does!

G:  "And where have you been young lady?"
I liked that the house was trying to help her find out what happened, with the pipes making a noise when she talked about unresolved business.
G:  "What's that face?"
M:  "It's just my face."

G:  "I think you've grown attached to her and it's clouding your judgement."  Yes Mitchell/Annie = ♥

awww look at cute Gilbert in all his cuteness.

This whole scene made me laugh, I love the faces Annie and Mitchell make haha, and also I love Mitchell eating for some strange reason.

G:  "This is fun?"
Gilbert:  "Fun, is such a bourgeois concept."
A:  "oh...right" Then the face haha

A:  "Gosh, crikey."    *I love her*
Then Annie turning the music down and then in the end turning it off haha, Gilbert's 'what are you doing?' face is funny.

A:  "What I wanted to ask you was, would you help me?"
Gilbert:  "What me? Really?"


Lmao I love Gilbert's face when Annie is going on about her life.

A:  "So yeah it was just me and Owen, very romantic, then I fell down the stairs and died. The end."

I couldn't stop laughing at the last bit, they way she said it was brilliant.

Gilbert:  "That was the dullest story I have ever heard."
Gilbert:  "I'm talking about Gilbert fun!"

YAY for Gilbert fun which includes dancing with bits of tree!

A:  "Are we actually having Gilbert fun yet?"
I thought it was totally sweet how Gilbert was waiting in Annie's chair, don't know why, I just thought it was haha.

A:  "And even when he does pass over he might prefer to spend it with that filthy, orange...pleb!"

Poor Gilbert,  Annie still loves Owen and wants to be his wife and Gilbert loves Annie, he looks so sad =( 

ewww Lauren leave Mitchell alone.

Gilbert:  "Can you stop him listening to Michael Buble?"
A:  "I'm making parsley sauce, for Owen."
G:  "Why?"
A:  "Because it's my unfinished business."
Cue dodgy plumbing
G:  "Right, well aside from the fact that that's a mental idea on so many levels"
A:  "So I'm contemplating resolving my death so I can move onto the next dimension and you're worrying about getting your leg over!"
A:  "They talk about it on Loose Women all the time!"

How adorable is Annie? Like really she is! Sitting there watching George, which is possibly quite weird really haha but still she makes it seem sweet.

And George bless him, with his problem

Nina:  "You are a man aren't you?"
G:  "I have trouble containing myslef." LOL

Away Lauren, away!  Although it did mean we got Mitchell in just his pants, yum.

Gilbert:  "I'll come with you.  Make sure you get there safely."

I know I have said it loads already but really, awwww Gilbert you melt my heart

Even though I sort of knew Owen had killed her a tiny bit of me thought here that maybe he hadn't and he was going to say something nasty about Annie or something.  But then he didn't.

Gilbert knows that Owen is a creep, because Gilbert is awesome

Last cap, just because he is pretty :P

And again with the hot Mitchell cap!

Annie being all child like is very cute but also really sad considering what she is about to find out.

Owen with his hand down part of a toilet.  The rest of him should go down there too, because that's where he belongs!
Annie just thinking he is all cute and sweet, and then thinking there is something else going on.

Then there was Owen smiling and being happy over the fact he got the thong out the toilet!!!


Crazy murderer Owen!!!

They really would have been such a cute ghost couple, so happy and fun and dorky and sweet.  Handholding!!!!

A:  "Maybe I am just so annoying and so pathetic that..."
Gilbert:  "No, course you're not Annie, christ, you're amazing."
♥ ♥ ♥
A:  "The man I loved killed me, am I really that hard to love back?"   
=( =( =( *And again I want to give her a massive hug and protect her from all the horibleness* lol

Gilbert:  "You are loved.  By loads of people.  By me."    *omgomgomg*
A:  "What?"
Gilbert:  "I love you.  I really love you."
  *is ded*

Annie's face is so cute when she does the little happy/sad smile.

Then that bloody door comes along and Gilbert knows it is about to totally ruin the Gilbert/Annie fun.

Gilbert:  "It's for me, it's come for me.  Come with me."
A:  "I can't."
Gilbert:  "I don't want to go on my own."    *cries*

Annie:  "This is your death."
Gilbert:  "just needed to meet you, all this time I just needed to meet you."

And then Annie can't watch him walk through the door and omg it's all too sad.  Makes me sad every time I watch it.  I nearly cry every time, and trust me I nearly never cry!


Oh and btw Annie if a door ever appears for you to go through DON'T DO IT, DON'T DO IT, DON'T DO IT OKAY?

Then the mood is thankfully lightened, before I burt into tears, by George and Nina having sex LOL.
The growling and biting was so amusing.

Annie/Mitchell was my ship before Gilbert came along so it was nice to see them having a little cute huggy time.

Poor George!
G:  "I had sex with Nina last night, and it was bloody marvelous."
M:  "Annie was killed by Owen."
G:  "Five minutes, could I have not just had five minutes with the biggest news?"
A:  "He loved me, and I was in love.  It felt like he owned me."
G:  "Nobody owns you Annie, nobody can."

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