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10 July 2010 @ 06:50 pm

Comment so that I can add you back.
picspams are public

Interests include:
+ Tennis + Jelena Jankovic + Maria Sharapova + Novak Djokovic

+ Sandra Bullock + Lea Michele + Idina Menzel + Cory Monteith
+ Too much music to list, but I adore country and pop the most. And I am one of those people who thinks Miley Cyrus is one talented girl.
+ Glee + True Blood + Skins + Being Human + Veronica Mars

This is like my first biggish picspam in agggeess haha. I forgot how long it takes me to do these things. So like I said in my other post I loved the last Glee episode but one thing that kind of really annoyed me was the hate vibes for Rachel during some bits, so I decided to do a picspam to get my point across. So obviously this is kind of a Rachel themed spam but there are a few other bits in there because they were too cute/funny/sweet not to spam :)

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15 September 2009 @ 12:01 am
So incase you hadn't noticed I have kind of abandoned my LJ, which is kind of sad.  But I blame the evilness of Twitter and Tumblr for this, they are rather addicting (if you don't have them you should :P).  So if anyone was wondering where I was that's where.  Mash will now give you directions to these places...

I will never ever get sick of this gif haha.

And if you can't read Maria's table map,

fymariasharapova tumblr
personal tumblr

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19 July 2009 @ 12:17 am
Back off holiday, had a BRILL time. Want to go back but will do a separate update with pics hopefully tomorrow!

This update is just basically for me to share my thoughts on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

not really spoilery but under a cut anywayCollapse )

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11 February 2009 @ 12:41 pm
Another just 'Being Human' post. I tend to get carried away so I decided to give it it's own entry.

First off, Lenora Crichlow at collectormania Midland!  LENORA!  Man I so so want to go but it costs like £52 on the train which sucks, a lot.  And Russell is going too.  They need to go to some event in London which is much cheaper to get to for me.

Anyways onto the episode. BEST BEING HUMAN SO FAR. I absolutely loved it, it was so so cute and funny and sad.

 ©neverwinter for this ^ awsomeness

Spoilers if you haven't seen epi three.  Oh and this is really really Annie/Gilbert based. 
What can I say, I love them lol.
Do you want to have some Gilbert fun?Collapse )
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